Prepaid Loading Business for All Networks

The mobile industry in the Philippines is growing rapidly. In fact, we are recognized as the text capital of the world due to the large volume of text messages being sent everyday. Positive thinkers think that it is a good opportunity for us to start our own eloading business.

But how? I don’t have enough capital to start this kind of business. I don’t even know where can I buy a retailer SIM. I don’t have an extra phone for this. How can I possibly have my own eloading business?

Relax. We know you have a lot of questions and is confused on how you can get started. That’s why we are here!

We will help you set up your e-loading business without having to buy retailer SIM, no need to use an extra phone and of course, with a very low capital. What’s more exciting is, you can instantly start selling eloads to your prospect customers.

Let’s Get Started

With a very small capital, you can now have an instant loading station business that is ready to cater your first customer. He can be your friend, office mate, class mate or a relative.

Are you ready? You should be!

Continue reading below as we guide you through the process of becoming a load retailer today.

Products You Can Sell

Aside from mobile load, there are also other products you can offer to your customers. This will give you a wide range of market for your new business. Below are all types of products you can sell.

– Prepaid Mobile Load
– Call Cards
– Game Cards
– Satellite Load
– Others

Once you have the above requirements, kindly prepare the activation fee amounting to Php200 only.

know more abou tand be guided on the process on how you can become a load retailer using your current SIM card with a very low capital. What makes it more exciting is that you can instantly start selling cellphone load once your SIM has been activated.

One SIM Load All Networks

Forget about buying a retailer SIM for each network. With just one (1) SIM card, you can sell mobile electronic load to any networks in Philippines.

Just be sure that you’re SIM card has not been registered yet as a retailer before.

Products To Sell

Aside from mobile load products, you can also sell game card pins, satellite load